4" Pro swimmer

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  • The 4" Pro Swimmer Soft Plastic Swimbait is designed to provoke immediate strikes with its ingenious design.
  • It features a thinned-down tail that exhibits superior action at all speeds.
  • It has a sleek nose cone and softly ribbed body to replicate natural baitfish contours and a pancake-like paddle tail to pump out vibrations.
  • It works great on a jig, a dropshot rig or a spinnerbait to target bass.


Grab the Pro Swimmer Soft Plastic Paddle Tail Swimbait for an unbeatable action that ensures big bites from unsuspecting predators! Featuring a thinned-tail that ends in a pancake-like disc, a sleek nose cone, and a soft ribbed body, it produces frantic vibrations underwater even at the slowest of movements. It provokes immediate action when pinned on a jig, nose-hooked on a dropshot rig, trailed on a spinnerbait, or on a 4/0 hook alone. A true winner when it comes to versatility.